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New Blog Update!

New Blog Update!

Faithful Sisters,

As Re:Devotionals came to a close, Britni & Hilary started a new blog called Coalesce. We would love for you to subscribe and be a part of this new tribe! Currently we are going through Ephesians 1 and talking about our identity in Christ.

Check out our mission here and subscribe today to get weekly updates in your mail box! We’d love to have  you back in our e-mail chain or ‘like’ our facebook page to follow a long with us in this journey together as we explore scripture and story.


Hilary & Britni


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A shift in the wind

A shift in the wind

Today marks the final post of the Re:devotionals chapter of this blog!

We want to leave you with a couple of reminders:

-The website will be “down” for the month of August, as we cook up some sweet stories of encouragement to share, and a whole new look for your viewing pleasure.

-When we return this fall, it will be under the name Coalesce (, which is representative of our new focus. In order to know what that name is all about, you will have to stay tuned. So we are hoping to have you follow us on this next adventure, and keep your email subscriptions and facebook group likes available for when Coalesce launches on THIS FALL.


It’s been a joy, sweet sisters. Thank you for listening, joining, and allowing this adventure to become a small part of your story.


With deepest gratitude and love,

Amy, Amanda, Becky, Britni, Elizabeth, Hilary and Kylee


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27/07/15 Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Parting Words

Elizabeth’s Parting Words

My dear gals,

It’s so strange to say that this is the last post I will write for Re:Devotionals!  What a joy it has been to stretch myself, to be a part of the Re:Devotionals community, to learn from the incredible women that I work with.  I am so excited to follow the new Coalesce blog in September, and hopefully occasionally guest-author some posts!

Britni did a beautiful job of explaining where all of our hearts are in this transition,  but I wanted to write to say goodbye myself and let you know where my own heart is.

It’s been a really good challenge for me to stay up on my weekly writings.  God has taught me much about commitment, study time, honesty, and transparency through my post-writing.  It’s harder than you might think to be vulnerable with a group of people you’ve never met face-to-face!

In this transition time, I am really learning the value of commitment.  As one who has a problem saying “no” when a great new opportunity arises, I have had to learn to cut back on some things so that I can pour my heart, mind, and time fully into the ones to which I feel called.  It’s so hard to do, but I’m confident that this is the new direction in my life.  I think this is a time of pruning for me.  A healthy time of trimming away things that, although so good, are not for me in the future.  I really do love this blog and this online community, but God is calling me to be even more present in my immediate community—my husband, local friends, church family, and town where I live. Never before have I felt such a pull to my local community, and had the opportunity to pour into the lives of the people there.  For now, that is where I belong.  And I feel great peace in that.

I will be around from time to time, and I will definitely be following Coalesce and praying for Britni and Hilary’s grand new adventure.  Please follow them in the fall as they regroup and push forward into what I know is their passion.  I am so grateful for them and for what this blog has meant to me, and I look forward to following this community to the new heights that God is calling them to!

Let me leave you with this: God calls us to certain things at certain times.  Don’t miss what He’s calling you to today.  Commit in your heart to what He’s doing in your life and He will lead you—He will restore your soul.

With much love and hope,


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26/07/15 Amanda

Amanda’s Farewell

Amanda’s Farewell

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” (Proverbs 19:21)

Sweet Sisters,

What an amazing blessing Re:Devotionals has been in my life. I am overwhelmed by the Truth God has revealed and the challenges He has presented. Our God is faithful, sisters.

I remember listening to a speaker on “intentional relationships” and hearing the wisdom that sometimes the Lord brings people into our life (whether for long or short term) to challenge and point us toward Him. I have had many of those friends over the years. With my wedding date approaching, I have addressed invites to individuals who I only knew for six weeks (on a personal level), but who had a lasting impact on my life and spiritual development. I am forever thankful for these intentional relationships, at intentional times, and have no doubt of God’s hand in these short term friendships.

Those same emotions resonate with me today, as I prepare to say goodbye to being a full time author with Re:Devo. I am so thankful for this blog and the impact it has had on my life and hopefully, with the Lord’s blessing, on others as well. I have no doubt that Re:Devo happened for a reason and no doubt that God has called me to a new chapter. I am thankful for that clarity and truth! I cannot wait to continue in virtual relationship with Hilary and Britni’s calling as they continue, with new perspective and leadings.

Thank you, sisters, for this sweet time and for the many lessons along the way. I am excited for God’s next chapter in my life and ask for your prayers, moving forward. I covet your prayers as I transition to being a wife and for my students and co-workers,  who I will hopefully be able to impact in a more meaningful and intentional way.

Thank you for loving, encouraging, and challenging me. I am forever grateful.

Amanda 🙂

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25/07/15 Amy

Amy’s Goodbye

Amy’s Goodbye

I had been praying for months for discernment as to what could be cut out from my schedule that was swimming in busyness, but making me feel like I was sinking. I cried out to the Lord, often, “Lord, what can I let go of? Every area of my life and ministry feels worthy! Where should my focus be?”

It’s taking me quite some time to learn this, but I think I’m finally getting it; sometimes the Lord answers our questions right away. And other times He has us wait for the answer, hoping that our trust in Him will deepen.

I remember the day and time so distinctly. I was sitting on my front porch one morning with my kids, escaping the responsibilities that awaited me inside and just basking in the fresh morning breeze. All of a sudden, literally in a matter of an instant, the Lord spoke the answer to me, clear as day. I was to be done writing with Re:devotionals.

Of course there is a level of sadness that came with this, because I have greatly enjoyed the relationships I’ve developed in participating in this blog. But what joy there is to be found in our God who answers our prayers! He has heard my cry! Praise Him!

I hope today finds you encouraged. If you are awaiting an answer from the Lord, be patient. Be joyful in hope that our God will answer. He loves you and desires your full surrender to His ways! Remember—He is working for the GOOD of those who serve Him! You are loved and not forgotten!

Bless you, sweet sisters. I have enjoyed this journey and am looking forward to the next part of where God is leading me. Peace and love to all of you.



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